MAPTUAL's unique feature set

We’ve already done our segmentation. Is it too late for MAPTUAL?

MAPTUAL is unique in that it looks at the data from the ground up and adds to what you have originally. We look into the data that you have and add our own data, this allows us to draw on demographic data, KUL, social media to form a more complete picture of your physicians. Therefore, your original segmentation becomes augmented with MAPTUAL, so you now have a platform, that is real-time, gets updated on its own and acts as a feedback that you learn from and add to.

How scalable is MAPTUAL over the long-term?

MAPTUAL's artificial intelligence and machine learning features allow for it be very scalable, reducing the need for manual power in crunching numbers and looking over spreadsheets. This creates more insightful outcomes for your customers through time spent on working towards establishing stronger relationships with HCPs and their patients. As businesses grow and change over the long-term, MAPTUAL has the capacity to adjust to data changes and the addition of different platforms, which is not possible with one off projects.

How will MAPTUAL engage our sales team?

Our focus groups have shown that sales reps are finding this tool empowering and feel as though they are given the power to do something different with a physician and help change the life of a patient. MAPTUAL is changing the conversation by speaking directly to the needs of sales reps by reducing any daily complexities or inconveniences they may otherwise have to go through to reach HCPs and patients.

What is MAPTUAL’s HCP PowerScore?

MAPTUAL's PowerScore is built with over 250 variables including prescription data, demographic data, social media etc. PowerScore is a priority score for the customer that goes up and down in real-time as the customers engagement in the real world change. Rather than a rating on how good a physician is, the PoweScore is a value of HCP's and their activities when it comes to your interests as a Pharma company. For instance, if a company or rep is selling in the area of diabetes medication, MAPTUAL will provide HCPs with high diabetes prescription, engaged with diabetes specific scientific trials and is writing about diabetes. This allows companies and reps to be very personalized with that physician, giving them exactly what they are looking for.

Currently, Pharma companies and reps are not able to hyper-personalize their activities, meaning that messages are often not accurate or specific to the intended populations. However, with MAPTUAL you can have a specialized approach and reach the customers the way they want to be reached, letting customer decide how Pharma should be engaging with them

We already have a similar Next Best ActionSolution…

The Next Best Action Solution is normally derived from a rules based approach, where rules are put into algorithm and moved down to sales representatives so they can act on it. These suggestions provided by MAPTUAL can then be rejected or accepted by the rep. The algorithm continuously learns from this behaviour to continuously provide the best solutions for that rep. What differentiates MAPTUAL from competitors is that it drives suggestions that allow reps to still use their own experiences, intuition and insights to provide direction for next best channels and audiences and messages that meet customers needs. This puts powers in the hands of representatives to make their own decisions.