MAPTUAL's technology

How does MAPTUAL’s AI work for us?

MAPTUAL uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict customer journeys for a diverse array of profiles such as HCPs, patients and even sales representatives. As a Pharma company, you are able to map out the future with this product.

The HCP PowerScore measures over 250 elements that predict behaviour of that customer over time. This includes real-time predictions and a holistic understanding of customers and how they behave in the future,  something that is not available today on any other platform. Users in marketing or sales operations can develop smarter tactics, ideas and actions to target customers.  

How does MAPTUAL use third-party data in its predictions?

We partner with other companies that provide valuable data including socioeconomic, demographic, KOL, and social media data that all are considered factors for HCP influence to your specific brand. Before, reps would have to constantly guess what physicians are looking for, however, now with MAPTUAL they can already understand a physician from the data MAPUAL provides. This brings Pharma closer to the needs of the customer.

How does my MAPTUAL work with my existing CRM?

MAPTUAL is not another CRM, it is a customer data platform that works along CRM and other data provided, to bring you real-time, actionable insights.